Get in contact about hiring Corsica Studios

As well as hosting our own nights, Corsica Studios is available to hire for both private and public events. Included in the hire fee is all PA and sound equipment, door supervisors and staff except a box office person. If you plan to have live music at your event we have sound engineers who we work with but this is an additional cost.

Before we can offer any dates we need to know what type of party/event you plan to have, what type of music you’ll be playing, whether or not there will be live bands or just DJs, the expected numbers of people and their age group and the hours you’d like to run from and until. We also need to know what nights you have held before, which venues you have used and what the the average attendance was.

PLEASE NOTE: It is extremely unlikely that we will be able to offer weekend nights to inexperienced or first time promoters, anyone wishing to do small scale events or events that are unable to attract a relatively large audience. We may also need to request a minimum bar guarantee from promoters whom we have not worked with before. Also, we have a very clear and fixed policy on the type of music we program so don’t be offended if we aren’t able to offer you a date.

In all cases we will need you to present us with a proposal for what you wish to do before we can meet up and discuss matters. If we feel that the proposal is suitable the next step is to arrange a meeting and discuss matters in further detail.


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