Corsica Studios

Fri 05.05.23 1800—2100

EYOE Pres. Thylacine

For those that are not familiar, Thylacine is a fearless experimental French producer known for his progressive sounds and dewy electronic(a).

He has developed a taste for composing through travel, each album that followed was always synonymous with encounters and discoveries. The aim is to combine music and image and to aide us in the discovery and navigate his world through this sonic voyage. 

Discover here his new opus “9 Pieces” - which does what it says on the box : 9 pieces to be assembled in order to reconstitute a puzzle and immerse oneself in the universe of Thylacine.  

For his fourth album, “9 Pieces”, producer and multi-instrumentalist Thylacine has assembled a collection of tracks produced over the past few years. These puzzle pieces take the listener on a trip from Norway's frozen sea to the Bosphorus's shores. His synthesizers are coupled with traditional instruments, including saxophone and piano, to construct nine delicate and catchy vignettes.

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