Corsica Studios

Sun 03.12.23 0600—1400

Snooze After Hours

Third and last edition for our collective Snooze for this year but rest assured, we will be seeing you again on the other side, as our goal to re-establish a solid after party culture, in one of the most eclectic venues of the capital continues... For our last gathering of the year we have the absolute pleasure of linking up with our genre-bending friends from Platform 22 and the delightful Night Service crew, who have become a staple of the London techno scene since 2018. Snooze is a project that aims to discard the usual mundane club dynamics.

Come in peace, Respect the places that host you, Respect the people you meet. Stay underground!


  • Lineup
    • Bailey Ibbs
    • Xono
    • Manlio
    • Slumber

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