Corsica Studios

Sat 04.11.23 2300—0600

PlanetWARE Is Building A Bonfire

PlanetWare Is Building A Bonfire

Since our inaugural Coinstorm seminar, a recognised group of fraudsters set out to infiltrate our beloved walls with corporate slander. It has been concluded that these imposters were mere imitations of Euphoria Investments Inc and the Foundation of PlanetWare. In light of this, we have concluded that it is now time to stack it high and burn it to the ground.

  • Lineup
    • AYA B2B Jennifer Walton
    • DJ Sporty Spice
    • DJ Vibes
    • Future Is Offline
    • Gullyteen
    • alterum B2B Peggy Viennetta
    • DJ Fingerblast B2B DJ Snot
    • Klahrk B2B Stolen Velour
    • Resurrection 2000
    • SPINEE B2B Trancey Beaker

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