Corsica Studios

Sat 24.06.23 2200—0500

Mums Against Donk 2

PTFA Notice- We're Back! After we took over our last protest we sold out! Now join us again at Corsica Studios on June 24th to continue protesting against this "donk" music!!! Mums Against Donk is a new queer Donk and Happy Hardcore night in London hosted by Alterum. MAD is a night of queer joy and expression emphasised through eclectic, fast, fun and silly music - and which better genres than Donk and Happy Hardcore? LGBTQIA* to the front. Bigots stay at home!

  • Lineup
    • Lobsta B
    • PewTwo
    • djlaundrybasket
    • Alterum
    • Maze
    • teaglitch
Sold out

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