Corsica Studios

Fri 10.02.23 2200—0600


MAXXING unloads chaotic deliverance in two weeks.

Pulling some of London’s finest talents across other ear-splitting collectives such as Gutterring, Genesys, Hypoxia and Fetchish Net.

Putting on a night longer than all previous MAXXINGS, with Pete Phipps manning the visuals continuing the dizzying euphoric spiral.

Tickets available now on RA. Missing this is simply a mistake.

  • Lineup
    • Boy Pillow
    • DJ Nomad
    • IB0y
    • Klaudio
    • PAW2000
    • Pound Sterling
    • Rquality
    • WhiteTrashTray
    • Zlatik
    • Zlaya

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