Corsica Studios

Thu 13.10.22 1800—2200

Kyla La Grange

AEG & FMLY present Kyla La Grange - While Your Heart's Still Beating UK Tour.

On Thursday 13 October, Kyla La Grange will perform a headline show at Corsica Studios.

Kyla La Grange’s third album, While Your Heart’s Still Beating, is an unflinching coming-of-age confessional that explores the tension between youth and adulthood for a generation stuck in suspended adolescence. With extraordinary dexterity, La Grange has created a piece of work that feels epic in scope and subject matter with a startlingly raw, unflinching intimacy at its core, and emerges as her most accomplished songwriting yet.

Sonically, While Your Heart’s Still Beating melds electronics seamlessly with organic textures: mournful electric guitars weave through analog synths and drum machines, creating a tapestry of sound that feels nostalgic and modern simultaneously. La Grange produced and recorded the tracks in Hackney with Liam Howe (FKA Twigs, Lana del Rey), long-time bandmate Alessio Ippolito and Cornwall with Mr BJ Jackson. She still writes almost everything at home alone in a small box room, where she feels most comfortable.

  • Lineup
    • Kyla La Grange
    • Lindsay Munroe
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