Corsica Studios

Sat 03.06.23 2200—0500

Emergency Room x Morse

Emergency Room & Morse join forces for a night of impactful low-end techno at Corsica Studios, joined by a stellar cast of DJs from across the continent.

Performing on June 3rd are Ilian Tape affiliates re:ni & Stenny, who will be joined by a very special guest alongside Accidental Meetings’ i-sha.

re:ni’s meteoric ascendence in recent years is in no small part thanks to her distinctive coalescence of her dub-wise background with contemporary bassy techno and electro. With a hugely successful debut EP on Ilian Tape in 2022, her sets and productions alike are known to roam the tempo range with ease and fluidity.

Raised in the industrial backdrop of suburban Turin, Stenny is widely applauded for his characteristic production output, as one of the longest standing Ilian Tape affiliates. An influence of avant-garde electronics permeates his work, dissolving genre boundaries in his production and DJ sets alike. He frequently provides a counter-argument to the traditionally rigid strains of Techno, devising a warm pool of distinctive sound design disposition.

Identified Patient is one of the most renowned Dutch DJs thanks to their distinctive white-knuckle ride style - full of unexpected, no-limits twists and turns. A cult string of releases on Pinkman in 2017 cemented their position on the contemporary dance music map, brimming with tension, sleaze and satisfaction.

Currently enjoying promising critical acclaim, Bristol’s i-sha is a mainstay amongst prolific UK promoter crew and label Accidental Meetings.

Completing the lineup is ER / Morse residents Milad, Primrose & Zaltsman.

  • Lineup
    • i-sha
    • Identified Patient
    • Milad
    • Primrose
    • re:ni
    • Stenny
    • Zaltsman

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