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Fri 16.02.24 2300—0600

Eastern Margins x GGI 끼

Eastern Margins turns 6, joining forces with queer ESEA rave GGI 끼 for an unforgettable night celebrating Lunar New Year.

Brace for impact with the biggest names from East & South-East Asia & the diaspora.

This night is promoted by Eastern Margins & GGI 끼, with last entry at 4AM. 

Please be respectful of the space GGI creates, as a queer ESEA rave.

Anyone failing to be respectful of this space will be issued a refund if entry is refused at the door. 

  • Lineup
    • Wanton Witch
    • Mobilegirl
    • MEYY
    • Liu Lee
    • KOLLIN
    • Nanzhen Yang
    • Jex Wang

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