Corsica Studios

Thu 13.06.24 1800—2100

CDR Artist Talk with Yazmin Lacey

Yazmin Lacey is a singer-songwriter who knows something about coming into her own. She came to music late, she says – “It's never late, but late in the perspective of that I'm doing it now,” – almost as if by fate. And throughout her time in the music scene, the 33-year-old has used her music as an exercise in capturing those moments and putting them into song, as if a snapshot of the intimate parts of her own life.

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Yazmin Lacey and bring your tunes for the opportunity to experience your music being played at Corsica's club sound system.

This is a chance for music makers to:

  • Hear your own music on an amazing club sound system
  • Artists of all experience levels welcome
  • No restrictions - all genres & styles welcome
  • Bring your music at any stage of development - from rough idea to final master, and everything in between
  • Join a supportive community of artists & producers

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