Corsica Studios

Tue 27.09.22 1800—2100

CDR Artist Talk with Nkisi

The genre-shattering producer, visual artist and NON Worldwide co-founder joins us for a glimpse into her creative world.

Nkisi produces intense, powerful club tracks equally influenced by African polyrhythms, hardcore techno, and '70s Italian horror films. The London-based musician and visual artist is one of the co-founders of NON Worldwide, a collective of experimental artists from across the African diaspora.

Since her first EP in 2014 on Doomcore, Nkisi has gone on to release on esteemed labels like Warp's Arcola imprint and Lee Gamble's UIQ, which released her critically acclaimed debut LP, 7 Directions, in 2019.

Nkisi sits down with Raj Chaudhuri at CDR for an in depth chat about her creative process.

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