Corsica Studios

Thu 23.05.24 1800—2100

CDR Artist talk with Gaika

"To me, music is so important. We get married to music, we bury our loved ones to music. It soundtracks our most public and most deeply intimate moments." —  GAIKA

The son of a material scientist of Jamaican and Grenadian descent, London bred, night club raised, and a natural-born hustler- GAIKA's creative aesthetic, much like his roots, has transcended linear paths from the outset. As a self-professed "Ghetto Futurist" GAIKA's clocked underground clout for being fiercely experimental and an impossibility to define - coined as "electronic music's answer to Basquiat" and likened to everyone from Prince to Bristolian trip-hop god Tricky. His music and art transcend borders, and his nomadic nature means he simultaneously belongs and doesn't; his music cannot be confined to just one genre, and this unique new record further cements him as one of the most progressive artists of our time, telling the tale of modern day renaissance man driving away from the economic hierarchy he doesn't believe in.

Join us for an inspiring conversation as GAIKA takes us through his production process and bring your tunes for the opportunity to experience your music being played at Corsica's club sound system.

This is a chance for music makers to: Hear your own music on an amazing club sound system Artists of all experience levels welcome No restrictions - all genres & styles welcome Bring your music at any stage of development - from rough idea to final master, and everything in between Join a supportive community of artists & producers

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