Corsica Studios

Sat 29.10.22 2100—0600

Low Life presents Dance With The Spirits

We invite all Low Lifers and their friends (and maybe even their friends too, if they promise to misbehave) to Dance With The Spirits for our annual Halloween party.

We have the enchanting Sonido Tupinamba, from Argentina by way of her home in Barcelona, making a Low Life debut; she will be ably supported by some of our favourite DJs (and people) Nancy Noise and Leo Zero, our star-in-the-making Sarahtonin, while Bill and Frank cast a watchful eye over everyone. Come join us!

  • Lineup
    • Sonido Tupinamba
    • Sarahtonin
    • Leo Zero
    • Nancy Noise
    • Bill Brewster
    • Frank Broughton
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